Halfling (1)
Vigilant, impatient, expressive but not too personal, the halflings are an intriguing race indeed. Halflings are renowned for their short stature but stout hearts. Halflings are always on the move, looking for new experiences, and never willing to settle down to make a home. Halflings are sometimes looked upon with distrust and suspicion. Halflings tend to know a great deal about all things, never wishing to stay in one place for too long, they get the opportunity to travel to all places, and learn all types of things. Halflings are innately optomistic and love life even more than the elves. Since halflings travel constantly, never staying in one place for too long, and since they have a shorter life than most other races, even if it is longer than most humans, the halflings tend to have a short-term view of the world. While they are more conscious of their impact on the area as they stay there, it is not as intense as the elves' natural concern for the environment around their settlements. Halflings are generally welcomed members in parties which need someone with the skills of an expert thief. Though halflings don't reveal much of their personal opinions or thoughts, they are still very perceptive of others. They usually know more about their party members than their party members know about them, and the halflings of the group tend to know more about everything else than they let on.

Halfling SocietyEdit

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Halflings do not settle down to create settlements and farms like most other races, halflings are forever drifters, and instead travel in long caravans made up of at least 5 families, but no more than 10, with all of their livestock travelling with them, and any plants they need immediately, that they do not feel they can just buy at the next village, they grow in small potted gardens they carry with them. Halfling caravans are usually led by the eldest members of each family, with one family considered the "leading family" or more well-respected than the other families, and so too is their elder. Caravans always keep a constant number of members based upon the food they can produce for themselves and how large the elders chose to keep the group. Children are always accounted for, but when they come of age, they usually will join other caravans, or simply set out on their own, for a life of adventure. Halfling caravan members are taught their own language, Halfling, as well as the language of the human civilization(s) they frequent, and often learn Elven, since halflings do frequent locales near elven homes. Most halflings subscribe to a faith called Nomadity, which is the worship of what they refer to as the Wandering Gods.